10 Tips & Tricks to Clean Your House Like a Pro

2022 is about to end; the year that in itself was a mess! Though we cannot do much to end the mess this year brought with it, we indeed can enter the New Year with a good habit. Household cleaning doesn’t interest many, but it sure is an essential task, especially during the times of COVID-19.

Keeping your homes tidy and healthy is a lot easier than you thinka it is. All you need is a good cleaning routine, right products and some cleaning tips to make your task easier and faster. If you don’t know where to start and how to clean, organise and declutter your house like a professional, here are some cleaning tips that might work for you.

1. Establish a Pattern
Don’t just start cleaning haphazardly, establish a consistent cleaning pattern. This will not
only save time but will ensure that you do not miss any spots. Professionals clean from left
to right and from top to bottom to get the task done right the first time.

2. Apply Products and Walk Away
Most cleaning products take time to disinfect, so you need to apply a cleaning product and
give it some time to work. Leave them on for a few minutes before coming back to wipe
them off.

3. Use Microfibre Cloth on Stainless Steel Appliances
Microfibre cloth is a life saviour when cleaning stainless steel appliances as it does not leave
any unsightly stains and lint behind. Use a wet microfibre cloth, followed by a clean and dry
one to give machines a streak-free finish.

4. Clean your Ceilings and Walls
Always dust ceilings and walls from top to bottom, making sure to cover the corners as well.
The best tool to get this task done would be a microfibre mop.

5. Declutter, then Clean
Decluttering takes most of the time, so make sure you do it before you start cleaning. Trying
to do both together will only add up to the time.

6. Vacuum your Furniture
Any upholstered furniture, including sofas and accent chairs, should be vacuumed weekly.
Lint roller treatment doesn’t work on dust stuck in hard-to-reach areas. You can even
vacuum any fabric lampshades you have at home.

7. Mop the Floor in One Direction
To reduce the likelihood of any residue or lint formation from the mop, keep the mop head
moving in one direction. Better yet, use a cloth afterwards to clean any marks left on the

8. Disinfect Sinks with Bleach
Sinks, especially kitchen sinks, collect all sorts of leftover food and soap residue that makes
way for germs and bacteria. To clean the sinks, fill it with a solution of bleach and water. Let
the mixture stand for a few minutes before draining the water. It also helps clean the drains.

9. Use Foam Glass Cleaner
Foam glass cleaners don’t drip, and they wipe away easily, as compared to spray cleaners.
Just one wipe and your windows and mirrors will be shining like new.

10. Clean Door Knobs and Light Switches
If you have cleaned walls, ceilings and floors, don’t forget to clean the doorknobs and light
switches; only then will your house look professionally cleaned. A damp microfibre cloth
would do the job.
Hope these tips and tricks help you clean your house better, that too like a professional